In 2 weeks I will be heading to Washington DC for the Marine Corp Marathon

2 weeks from today I will be hopping a plane to Washington DC to run the Marine Corp Marathon.  This race has been on my race bucket list for a while.  I have never been to Washington DC, so I am very excited about that as well.  The problem is the government is still shutdown and it looks like that could pose some problems.  The Marine Corp Marathon said they are still planning the race.  That means so am I.

I’ve been watching the weather there and it doesn’t seem to brutally cold.  I’m hoping we have a day with no rain.  I’ve already picked what I am wearing out of my INKnBURN collection.

Fingers crossed the race still goes on without a hitch and that the government shutdown is over so all of us can dump some money into the site seeing economy in DC.

Who else has run or is running the Marine Corp Marathon?