17 Ways To Do PE At Home

Kids need to move their bodies, get the wiggles out, and just be physical and during social distancing this is no different. Without the social interaction at school and a playground with friends to play with or a PE class to entertain them, this could fall on the parents. Here are fun and creative ways to get your kids moving at home. Helping to encourage and keep families active has always been one of my goals with the blog. I hope these give you some inspiration. Enjoy these ways to do PE at home. kids playing

  1. Obstacle course– Get creative! Cut out pieces of paper as stepping stones to hop to. Put painters tape on the ground like a pretend tightrope. Put chairs out that kids and go over and under. There are lots of things around the house that you can use. Time each obstacle course trail run and to see if time improves (and it gives competitive incentive to the kids).
  2. Use your stairs– You can get some exercise in this way too. Make it a competition between you and your kids and they will surely want to play because we know kids love to win. See how many times each of you can go up and down the stairs in 10 minutes.
  3. Yoga Class– Find a yoga video online and do it together. Namaste.
  4. Dance– Turn on a playlist and dance! Kids love when parents are silly with them, so this will create some laughs, while also moving your bodies. There are also A LOT of famous choreographer offering free dane classes online for kids right now.
  5. Go for a walk– This of course depends on where you live. If you are like me though and live in an area that is spread out and you most likely won’t even come across one single person, go outside and go for a walk. Make it a nature walk for some educational points and look at what is blooming right now because spring is upon us. 
  6. Create an at home circuit– Circuit training is easy to set up because you can pretty much use anything and if you have more than one child it allows all of them to do it at the same time because of the different stations. Canned goods can be weights, burpees, lunges, jumping jacks, so many ideas could be different stations. Spend a minute at each station and then rotate.
  7. Gymnastics in your backyard– Summersaults, cartwheels, stretching, handstands, and roundoffs could be a fun activity and your kids wouldn’t even realize you are trying to sneak in some exercise. 


  8. Ride bikes– Again, this of course depends on where you live. If you are like me though and live in an area that is spread out and you most likely won’t even come across one single person, go outside and have a bike ride. 
  9. Soccer, Basketball, Baseball- Whatever balls you have in your garage, break them out. I’m sure almost all of us have a ball of some sort to throw, bounce, or kick. Time to engage with your kids and make this a fun activity. 
  10. Pretend Olympics– Set up your own pretend Olympic events. Long jump, sprint, gymnastics floor routine, it could all be a lot of fun. 
  11. Go Noodle– These are great videos for kids to follow along and help get their bodies moving and get out some wiggles. hopscotch
  12. Hopscotch– Do kids these days even know about hopscotch? I know my daughter does. If not, teach them! All you need is some chalk for your driveway and you are all set!
  13. Play Equipment– Swing sets, trampolines, ping pong table, there is so much that you probably have that doesn’t get used much. Use it! This is your time to get your money’s worth out of that stuff.
  14. Go for a hike– Again, if you live in an area with areas to explore without people around, go for it! Fresh air and sunshine are important for our bodies.
  15. Roller skates and skateboards– I remember skating for HOURS in my roller skates on my driveway when I was little. Do you have some in your garage? Remind your child and go play on your driveway.
  16. Liners– Remember these? They were usually the punishment when you played sports. Run to a spot close and then back and then another spot a little further away and then back and so on until you run to the end of your yard and back. Tell your kids you will race them to make it fun.
  17. Hula hoop– Most of us have one sitting in the garage and it is a good workout and a great excuse to get outside in your yard for some fresh air.

I hope this gives you a chance to bond with your family. If you have other good ideas leave a comment below for others to see. We got this!


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Ways To Do PE At Home