16 Mile Saturday

I ran 16 miles today. 16 drizzling rain, cold, wet miles.  I fought with my mind, but I got it done.  That, in my opinion, is the hardest part to overcome while marathon training.  Fighting with your brain.  Sure it is physical, but your mind is usually wanting to give up before your body ACTUALLY will give up.  It was cold and wet and my mind kept saying “Does it really matter? You have ran a lot.  You will be fine in Chicago in a few weeks.  Just head home.”  But I kept going and felt great when I finished.  I know I would’ve been a little disappointed with myself if I quit.  I can’t speak for others,  but I know that once I let myself quit once it is way more likely to happen in the future.  


I’m excited to run the Chicago Marathon in a few weeks, followed by Nike Women’s Half SF the week after and Marine Corps Marathon the last weekend of October.  I feel ready both physically and mentally…but I am super happy to be in a dry cozy home after those wet 16 miles.  

How was everyone’s weekend?  Training miles?  Races?