15 Simple Tips For Sticking to Your 2020 Fitness Goals

weights and fitnessWith the New Year just starting, you’re probably working on a healthier you. Every year you sit down and think about what you want to accomplish. One of the most popular resolutions is to get in shape, lose weight, or attain some sort of fitness goal. While many go into the New Year with the best of intentions, sometimes life steers you off track. These tips will help you stick to your 2020 fitness goals so you can end 2020 with a whole new fit body.

15 Simple Tips For Sticking to Your 2020 Fitness Goals

Create a Fitness Group

Start a Facebook fitness group or a local in-person fitness group. Either option will help you hold each other accountable. A fitness group allows you to find motivation and drive during the difficult workout days or new exercises you’ll try throughout the New Year. There are many running groups and clubs you can join. If you don’t know where to start visit your local running store or Lululemon, many of them have groups they can refer you to.

Get a Workout Partner

Having someone that will take on this 2020 fitness goal with you can help tremendously. This person will help keep you accountable. Find someone who has fitness goals for the New Year and would like to be your workout partner. If you are working on a running goal, find someone with a pace similar to yours. 

Participate in a Challenge

Find an online fitness challenge that you’re interested in. Print that challenge out and do your daily workouts based on attaining the goal of completing the challenge. fitness goals

Make Fitness Fun

Who says getting fit has to feel mundane and boring?! I love making fitness routines fun! You can blast music, or do a new workout that challenges you.

Start Meal Prepping

Consider meal prep as a means to keep your diet relatively healthy. Starting to meal prep weekly will help you choose healthier meals, and achieve your 2020 fitness goals easily.

Find a Solid Program

Look up your local gym or community center to see if they have any fitness programs running soon. Sign up for a few programs or one solid program that you’re interested in.

Set Short Term Goals

As with any long term goal, it’s best to set small goals. These small milestones could be something as simple as losing 3” off your tummy or losing 2 lbs on the scale.

Set Rewards for Goals Achieved

Always have a reward for the short term goals that you achieve. Keep a chart or a pad of paper on your desk to remind you of each goal. Every time you achieve a new milestone, reward yourself with something other than food. A spa day or a manicure sounds like a great idea to me, maybe a new workout outfit?

Hydrate with Water

Keep your water intake steady when you’re looking to stick to your 2020 fitness goals. Having a hydrated body will not only keep you from having major health problems, it keeps your fitness goals on point.

Do Not Over Do It

Know where your fitness limits are. You’ll know how much your body is capable of handling during healthy times, but if you’re sick don’t overdo it and start working out.

Eat Before You Attend an Event

One way to stick to your 2020 fitness goals is to always eat before you leave the house. Whenever you plan to attend an event that will have food, eat something healthy before going. fitness motivation

Join Charitable 5k Run/Walks

There are many charitable runs and walks throughout the year. Research some charitable 5k run and walks that will be near your local area to attend. Helping a worthy cause can help keep you motivated.

Measure Inches

Forget that number on the scale, it will rarely be your friend! Purchase measuring tape so that you can measure inches on a weekly or monthly basis to track your 2020 fitness goals accurately.

Allow Zero Excuses

Lastly, hold yourself to a high standard with a zero excuses policy. This will keep you motivated to stick with your 2020 fitness goals. Never allow yourself to make an excuse to not work out. You always feel better after a workout, just keep that in mind.

These are just 15 simple tips for sticking to your 2020 fitness goals, but I’m sure you could think of a few others that will help you achieve your goal.

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