15 Recipes to Make Your Own Energy Balls

energy balls

Energy balls have became popular in recent years. Some people call them protein balls. I just call them a healthy pre run snack. When you need that mid-afternoon pick-me-up to keep you going for the rest of the day, energy ball bites are the perfect way to go. Not only will they give you a boost of energy to keep you going, but they are also a healthy snack idea that you can make with just a few ingredients. These 15 energy ball recipes are all declines and offer lots of different options.

Energy balls are easy to make and typically take no time at all because they are no bake. Simply put them together and enjoy them when you need a healthy snack or quick boost of energy. I like to make a batch and just keep them in my fridge. I also enjoy freezing them and they take no time at all to defrost enough to eat.

These quick and easy to make energy balls only take a few ingredients. Keep these with you at work or at home so that you can get out of that awful mid-afternoon energy loss. If you are trying to quit coffee, bring some of these energy balls into your routine. 

Matcha Low Carb Protein Balls- A keto friendly snack that will help power you through the day, these low carb protein balls with matcha are easy to make and delicious.

Almond Butter Balls- Made with coconut and chocolate chips, these sweet almond butter balls are a healthy and delicious snack.

Orange Creamsicle Protein Balls- No bake and easy to make, these protein balls are full of flavor, gluten free, and vegan for a yummy snack throughout the day.

Mint Chocolate Sunflower Bites- The refreshing taste of mint and chocolate are combined with sunflowers to make a gluten free snack you are sure to love.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Power Balls- If you are looking to satisfy your sweet tooth in a healthy way, these chocolate peanut butter power balls are the way to go.

No Bake Energy Balls- No bake, easy, and delicious, these energy balls only contain a few ingredients and will make a healthy afternoon snack.

Raisin Banana Oatmeal Bites- With only 4 ingredients, these raisin and banana oatmeal bites are the perfect healthy snack that everyone will enjoy. energy ball recipes

Chewy Goji Energy Bliss Balls- The perfect mid-afternoon snack that is also delicious, these chewy Goji energy bliss balls are easy to make.

Chickpea Protein Energy Balls- Filling and tasty, these chickpea energy balls are full of protein and will be a great healthy snack to keep you going throughout the day.

Date Energy Balls- Full of flavor, these date energy balls are going to satisfy those snack cravings and give you a boost of energy.

Cashew Cacao Bliss Balls- These little bites of coconut and chocolate energy balls may taste like a dessert, but they are a healthy snack idea that you don’t have to feel guilty about eating.

No Bake Energy Balls- Packed with flavor, these energy balls are made with peanut butter, oats, chia seeds, and chocolate for a filling and healthy snack.

Apple Cashew Snack Bites- A sweet no bake snack that also doubles as a delicious pick-me-up treat, these apple cashew bites are delicious and gluten free.

No Bake Energy Bite– The delicious little bites incorporate oats, peanut butter, coconut, and chocolate chips for one of my favorite recipes.

Power Balls- This recipe from Trisha Yearwood is a winner for sure. These incorporate all the usual deliciousness, but also bringing in cranberries. 

I hope you find a recipe here that you love, make, and enjoy! Let’s get healthier with our choices. 

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