13 Ideas To Keep Runners Busy While Social Distancing

I know, we are already getting antsy right? Runners, you have to find something to occupy your time and keep you busy while staying away from people to help get through this pandemic. I know that races and marathons are cancelled, but we will run again together one day. Being apart now is the right thing to do, so I thought I would share some options that might help in the meanwhile. Some of you might know of some of these, but others might be new. Here are ideas to keep runners busy while social distancing. runner on couch

  1. Watch a motivating movie- Have you seen Spirit of the Marathon I and/or II? Or how about Brittany Runs a Marathon? Turn on a running movie to help keep that motivation up.
  2. Read a runner’s biography- There are many books about runners. This one by Mo Farah is a great choice! 
  3. Run outside- Remember to maintain social distance, but if you live in an area like I do, you will likely only see 1 or 2 people the whole time you are out and just keep your distance.

  4. Hit your at home treadmill- Remember that treadmill that is currently a clothing rack or gathering dust in your garage? Put it to good use! Binge watch a show while you are on it to help the time pass quicker. Some suggestions? My current Netflix binge favorites are Grace and Frankie, Shitt’s Creek, and Love is Blind.
  5. Download Peloton app- Right now the Peloton app is free for new users for 90 days. You don’t need their products to use this app and classes. They offer a lot of varieties of classes too.
  6. Watch race videos on YouTube- You can pretty much watch all kinds of running videos on YouTube. I have quite a few GoPro race course videos of running in a time lapse. Shameless plug, remember to subscribe when you are over there!
  7. Join a Facebook running group- There are a ton out there to join. Team runDisney is a great one if you love runDisney. Ladies, I also have a Facebook Group called Women’s Running Community. Come join! 

  8. Try a Beach Body Workout- Beach Body offers a free 14 day trial to try their streaming service. They have a ton of different styles and level workouts. 
  9. Online retail therapy- Some new running clothes might just make you feel better. Brooks is running some great deals and Fabletics has a 2/$24 special on their running pants! 
  10. Read a running blog- Of course I would love you to poke around and take a look here. There are also lots of other great running blogs too. How about 8 Things NOT To Say To Someone Training For A Marathon?
  11. Do some yoga- There are also lots of free online classes and yoga instructors on Instagram offering classes. Some yoga and meditation will be great for your body and mind.
  12. Take a dance class- World famous choreographers and dance teachers are offering free classes online. Some great options are available here: http://www.clistudios.com/keepdancing. Also check hashtag #KeepDancing for lots of free options on Instagram. 
  13. Focus on nutrition- While most of us are home we can focus more on nutrition without the outside world temptations of fast food. This is a great time to try new healthy recipes. How about these delicious sweet potato tacos?

There are lots of great options to help keep you occupied at home. Do you have some other ideas? Share them in a comment so others can take a look. 

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