12 Things To Say To A Runner That Would Make Them Happy

Whether your spouse, best friend, or a random stranger is a runner, here are some things to say that are guaranteed to make them very happy:

What to say to a runner. Happy Runners. |run | running | marathons | fitness1.  You seem really fast today. Slow down so I can keep up.

2.  The race is only $175, you should totally do it.  You can’t put a price on a medal that is that awesome.

3.  You totally need another pair of running shoes.  A pair for each day of the week is totally normal.

4.  Do you want to go carb load at your favorite restaurant?

5.  I think you are the coolest person I know for running a marathon. 

6.  Those running tights make your butt look fast!

7.  I’ll do the dishes so you can go for a run.

8.  The NYC Marathon lottery called and made a mistake, you are IN after all!

9.   Do you want me to help you foam roll? I promise I won’t laugh while you are crying.

10.  I got you a subscription for Runner’s World because I love and appreciate that you love and appreciate running.

11.  I don’t think you have enough medals, so I researched some more races for you based on size and awesomeness of their medals and here is my report I typed up with color pictures.  

12.  I’ll watch the kids, you go run for as long as you want.

Happy running! 

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  1. Diane | 15th Mar 15

    Love it! Just read it out loud to my husband.

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