12 days, 7 airplanes, 4 destinations

I have pushed the limits at times, but I think my schedule coming up might make me completely crazy instead of just “half crazy”.  


On Wednesday I will be heading to Phoenix for the Mom 2.0 Summit.  I very excited to learn, grow, network, and meet amazing people.  Adobe Photoshop is offering a class on their software that I am very excited to take.  A ton of amazing bloggers will be there sharing their journeys.  They have some great sponsors that I can’t wait to meet, which often leads to great things I get to share with you guys.  I leave Phoenix and my plane gets me home at 11pm Friday night.


We, my whole family, need to be back at the airport at 7am the next morning to fly to Florida.  I plan to have all Florida suitcases packed before I head to Phoenix (fingers crossed).  Once we get to Orlando we will be driving to the coast to visit some family before heading into Disney World on Wednesday.  I am very excited to be part of the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration this year.  Again, I will get to learn and meet amazing people as well as hear about everything Disney has up their sleeves.  I get to enjoy the conference at Disney World Thursday, Friday, and Saturday and then I will be flying out that evening to…wait for it…fly to Disneyland.

photo 2

We get to Disneyland and 10pm Saturday night and I will be running the Tinker Bell Half Marathon bright and early Sunday morning.  I have ran every Tink Half since the event was created and I was really torn over what to do when I got the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration invite.  That has always been a dream of mine to be able to attend, but running Disney is such a huge part of what I do that I think this is a happy median.  I will be missing the 5k and 10k, but still make it in time for the half.  On the flip side I will be missing the Sunday morning farewell breakfast at Disney Social Media Moms, but will be waving hi from Disneyland.

I’m hoping that all planes are on time, my budget isn’t blown, my feet hold up, and most importantly we all have fun along the way.  I have one very excited 5 year old.  I am also very excited…and in a  weird way really nervous.  So much of this is out of my normal comfort zone, but that is how we grow right?  P.S. my Tink Half costume is getting dragged all over the country with me, so hopefully it holds up ok 😉  I can’t wait! 

Who else will I be seeing at any of these events?


  1. beautea97 | 27th Apr 15

    Not going to any of these events, but I’m hoping you have your frequent flier cards!!! Have a super fun time, but try to rest up too!

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