12 days, 3 locations, 1 suitcase

We are heading out for a whirlwind trip. First stop is Disneyland!

I am running the Disneyland 10k on Saturday and Disneyland Half Marathon on Sunday.

Next stop Savannah and Disney’s Hilton Head Resort!  On Monday morning we fly from LAX across the country to Savanna, Georgia to go to Disney’s Hilton Head Resort.  I have never been there,  but I have always wanted to go to Savannah.  VERY excited!

After Hilton Head we will be driving down to Florida.  Possibly make a stop at Disney World and visit our condo out in Vero Beach, Florida for a couple days.  Than we return home, back to California.

The hardest part right now is packing for all 12 days in one suitcase.  I was trying to put my daughter and I in just one suitcase, but I’m thinking that might not be doable.

Has anyone been to Savannah or Hilton Head and have some recommendations for me? 🙂