Los Angeles Marathon Tips, Tricks, and Advice for Race Week

Are you running the Los Angeles Marathon 2019? Curious about the LA Marathon route? Wondering about the LA Marathon expo? What time does the Los Angeles Marathon start? I have tons of answers and tips listed for you below. Los Angeles Marathon Logo

  1. Know Your Pace– The first 6 miles off the Los Angeles Marathon are some of the toughest because of the hills in the Downtown LA area.  Be sure to stick to your pace and don’t go too hard too early on those early miles.
  2. Visit the Expo– The LA Marathon expo is at the convention center, which is located next to Staples Center. There are a ton of great vendors and you can pick up some fun race merch. Here is the link with more info about the expo. 
  3. Bring Layers For Race Morning– Waiting around Dodgers Stadium can sometimes be chilly before the race.  Plan to bring a throw away layer or mylar blanket to help keep you warm before the race start. If you are Amazon Prime you can order some inexpensive mylar blankets hereLos Angeles Marathon course map
  4. Check Out the Los Angeles Marathon Course Map– The marathon route goes all over the LA area and you pass so many landmarks.  Study up on the course ahead of time, so you have an idea of what is coming next. Here is a link to the course map. 
  5. The Starting Corrals– The LA Marathon starting corrals are not like runDisney corrals. While they have 5 seeded corrals that you have to have a qualifying time to get in to, everyone basically starts around the same time.  Don’t freak out if you are in the “open” corral. That doesn’t mean you have to wait 45 min to start like at an rD race. 
  6. Park at Santa Monica– The course is a point to point.  The Los Angeles Marathon to the race start is SO organized.  I definitely recommend parking at Santa Monica and taking the buses to Dodgers Stadium. You don’t have to pay for the bus, just to park.  You can reserve and pay for your parking garage ahead of time. Here is the site to reserve parking in Santa Monica
  7. Sunscreen– It usually ends up getting sunny out there on those LA streets and I often burn, so don’t forget to put o that sunscreen!  There are usually volunteer along the course offering up sunscreen for reapplication too.
  8. Chili Dogs– I have never ate one, but it is tradition that there is a both set up handing out chili dogs around mile 6. If you are braver than me you could score yourself a free chili dog. 
  9. Runner Tracking– Have your family and friends track you along the race, but also plug in the tracking on your phone to keep tabs on where your friends are! Click here to sign up to runner tracking
  10. Shuttle Tip– The shuttles in Santa Monica start at 3:00am and go until 5:30am.  DON’T BE ON THE LAST SHUTTLE!  Plan accordingly for traffic and be on an earlier shuttle. You don’t want to have stress about whether you are going to make it in time to the stat. 
  11. LA Marathon Start Time– The Los Angeles Marathon starts at 6:55am for the full field.  Elite women will go off a little earlier at 6:4am and chairs will start at 6:30am.
  12. HAVE FUN!– This race is like no other.  There are so many sites to see, fun photo opps, and amazing spectators along the course. Take it all in and enjoy the race! 

I will see you out on the course!

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