101 Reasons Why I Run

101 Reasons Why I runIt seems like the eternal question is “Why do you run?”.  People who don’t run ask it all the time.  I don’t just have 1 reason, so here are 101 reasons why I run:

1. Because I’m not a very good knitter.
2. To keep me for crying out of frustration.
3. To help my painfully shy self meet awesome new friends.
4. 2 words: Bart Yasso
5. For awesome looking legs.
6. For the medals.
7. To people watch.
8. Because I’m addicted to the endorphins.
9. To show my daughter how fun exercise can be.
10. So I can go to Disney World each year.
11. To prove something to myself.
12. For something to do on a weekend.
13. Because I needed a hobby.
14. So I can buy super cute running clothes.
15. To show that random ex boyfriend that I’m awesome. (Half kidding)
16. Because I really like candy.
17. Because it is my “me” time.
18. Because it is a great excuse to travel to fun cities.
19. To feel like part of an amazing group.
20. Because I like to feel proud of myself.
21. For the runner’s high.
22. So I have an excuse to read Runner’s World.
23. Because I like seeing the look on non-runners faces when they see my wall of medals. 
24. To test my body.
25. So I can notice the seasons changing on my runs.
26. Because I wasn’t very good at basketball.
27. To be able to bitch and moan about foam rolling.
28. To prove to my brain that my body CAN keep going.
29. Did I mention the medals?
30. Because running is way cooler than not running.
31. So I can be part of #runnerproblems.
32. Because I have a deep seeded love of running shoes.
33. So I can be a little tan in the summer.
34. So I have an excuse to buy new running shoes ever 2 months. 
35. Because my sanity hinges on my running.

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36. To meet random strangers and be able to talk about our favorite races.
37. So I can own way to many pairs of way to expensive socks.
38. Because it’s “my thing”.
39. Because I like the suspense of taking my nail polish off and seeing if I have any black toenails.
40. So I can sweat a ridiculous amount.
41. To hear some of the most amazing voices sing the National Anthem at the start of a race.
42. Because I’m afraid of what would happen if I stopped running.
43. To constantly strive for a PR.
44. To read all the random spectator signs. I love you too random stranger!

37-5045. Because it is a sport I can do year round no matter what the weather…even if it means the dreadmill.
46. Because it would be WAY harder to write a list of 101 Reasons Why I DON’T Run.
47. To make me feel less guilty when I eat way to much greek food.
48. So I have a really cool bucket list of races around the world.
49. Because I like to correct non-runners on the real distance of a marathon. It is ALWAYS 26.2 miles people!
50. So I can sign up for ridcilous (yet fun) events like the Dopey Challenge.
51. Because there are no rules.
52. To prove to my 6th grade self that running a mile in under 10 minutes is possible. Anyone else remember that national physical fitness test that told kids they weren’t fit unless they could run a mile in under 10 minutes? I hope that doesn’t still exist because even if it takes them 12 minutes, at least they are doing it!
53. To hear my husband say how proud he is of me.
54. Because I’m half crazy, duh. 

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55. So I can see what post race food is being given out.
56. Because I’m not a figure skater.
57. To have something to talk about other than my daughter.
58. So I can listen to whatever music I want for 2 hours without having to listen to my daughter’s music.
59. Because it is fun for me.
60. So I can write a post like this and hopefully it goes viral?
61. Because I’m not a morning person at all, but apparently I am a glutton for punishment.
62. Because hell hath no fury like mama who hasn’t ran in a week.
63. So I have an excuse to be by myself.
64. Because Lululemon just keeps coming up with new designs that I NEED.
65. So I have something to spend my disposable income on. (half kidding again)
66. To have something to share at family reunions.
67. To randomly smile when I think back of torturous moments I made it through on a long run.

41342d78f8093a1e72e4679f5a4784e568. So I can sing ” Just keep swimming” to myself from mile 20-24. (That is a Nemo reference)
69. So I can eat more than just lettuce.
70. Because I am a happier person for it.
71. In hopes that one day I will run the Boston Marathon.
72. And the London Marathon.
73. … and the Paris Marathon.
74. And Rome too!
75. So when I run at Christmas time I can count the cars that pass me with Christmas trees on them that they are taking home to decorate.
76. To be able to be part of a community where all you have to do to join is run.
77. Because I’m trying to perfect the art of getting a great race photo. So far, not too much luck so I better keep running.
78. Because Oprah did it.
79. So I can inspire others.
80. So others can inspire me.
81. Because life would be so boring without it.
82. To see how many race shirts I can accumulate.
83. For the awesome street cred.
84. So my daughter has something cool to share about what her mom does. Way cooler than just saying I’m a blogger.
85. Because it is a great excuse to rarely put on makeup.
86. So I can plan vacations around race dates.
87. Because hearing a crowd cheering you on at a finish line really DOES make you feel amazing.
88. So I have time to think and reflect.
89. Because it makes me feel more fulfilled.
90. So I have something to write about and share with all you fine folks.
91. So I can dress up in costumes more often than just Halloween.

photo 492. Because I ALWAYS feel better after I run.
93. So I can talk to random strangers on race buses about chafing and GI issues. Ummmm ya
94. Because I like spending $180 on something that makes me get up at 3:30am, run until my body is screaming and then get a medal for it. Oh wait don’t forget the t-shirt too!
95. Because my mom and sister think I’m totally nuts, but I also know they think it is cool and they are proud of me.
96. For the stories. You know, like the time I tripped over a road reflector and ended up with serious road rash.
97. So my dog gets exercise.
98. Because ice cream still exists in the world.
99. And pizza.
100. Because when you start to lose hope in humanity you can go watch a marathon and see
amazing things happening all around.
101. Because I can.

Why do YOU run?

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101 Reasons Why I Run


  1. Lauren M. | 14th Sep 14

    So I have an excuse to laze around on the couch all afternoon and “recover.” Because it makes me feel like I can tackle any problem. Because of the awesome feeling of racing against my old times and winning.

  2. Holly | 15th Sep 14

    I love your list!

    • Half Crazy Mama | 15th Sep 14

      Thank you 🙂

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