10 Tips for the Princess Half Marathon

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If you are planning to head to Disney World to run the Princess Half Marathon Weekend, here are some tips. runDisney races and each race weekend offers a different experience. The Princess 5k, 10k, and half marathon at Disney World are all so much fun, but it helps to be prepared. Here are 10 Princess Half Marathon tips:

  1. Get to the expo early if you want merchandise– The Princess Half Marathon merchandise is notorious for selling QUICKLY. If there is some merchandise in particular you want, I would get to the expo early and wait in line.  cinderella running costume
  2. Look at the course map ahead of time– Not all bathrooms are created equal. If you know the course ahead of time you will know when you are inside one of the parks where the good bathrooms will be so you don’t have to use a port-a-pottie. Trust me, you will thank me. 
  3. Have your race outfit planned and don’t deviate– I see a lot of people who love all the fun merchandise at the expo and decide to wear it for the race. I highly recommend against it. The last thing you want to do is unknowingly wear something that could rubs and chafe for 13.1 miles are because you didn’t do any training run in it you wouldn’t know until race day.
  4. Print your waivers ahead of time at home– Don’t worry there are computers at the expo to print them if you forget, but it will save you time if you have them printed ahead of time.

  5. For half marathon day, be on a bus at 3:30am– You are better off being there early than being stressed and stuck in traffic. The traffic tends to pile up as it gets closer to race time. I have heard of people missing their corral and having to start later on because they didn’t get there early enough.
  6. Make dining reservations ahead of time– Unless you want to eat counter service the whole time I highly suggest booking some sit down meals ahead of time. Race weekends are always crowded and it would be very hard to get into a sit down restaurant. Room Service at Waldorf Astoria Orlando
  7. Save your legs and don’t hit the parks super hard until after the race– Before the race enjoy your time at Disney World, but save your legs for race day. Once that is done, hit the parks after and wear your medal proud.
  8. Keep Florida weather in mind– Remember that weather in Florida can turn so quickly. While packing, keep checking the weather report. It literally can change constantly. There are times when it is freezing cold and other times where is 100% humidity and in the 80’s. Plan according and pack layers if needed. 
  9. Bring 2 pair of running shoes that you have been training in– If you are running the challenge you will want to be prepared. Again, you never know what Florida weather could bring and it could be rain. The last thing you will want to do is put on a wet pair of shoes for your second race.

  10. Focus on the positive- Every race weekend can have ups and downs. Try to focus on the positive and not the negative. Manifest goodness and enjoy the time spent going after your goals.

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