10 Tips For Fitness Motivation

Fitness motivation can be a struggle at times. Finding the right fitness motivational quotes can help, but sometimes it just takes more. Here are ten tips to kick up your motivation for fitness. Fitness Motivation

  1. Create a new workout playlist.  Having great music can make your workout fun again.
  2. Join a Facebook fitness motivation group. There are lots of them, you just need to be sure to find the right one for you. Sometimes encouraging words from a stranger on the internet can mean a lot.
  3. Stay hydrated. Not drinking enough water can make you feel sluggish. Fitness Motivation Tip #3 Stay Hydrated
  4. Set a new goal. Maybe it is a marathon, squatting a certain amount of weight, or mastering a new yoga pose.

  5. Get some new workout clothes. Seriously, it sounds silly, but just something as simple as wearing your new awesome clothes can be a big enough push to get you out the door to your workout.
  6. Switch it up! If you always do a HIIT class, try a pilates class. Always run? Try a barre workout. Change it up to help cure the boredom. Fitness Tip
  7. Follow a hashtag.  Head over to Instagram and search a hashtag, find some new people to follow and get some motivation. 
  8. Remember that the hardest part is actually lacing up your shoes and getting out the door.  

  9. Find a new show on Netflix to binge watch while at the gym. I watched 5 seasons of Game of Thrones this way, one episode at a time, while at the gym. Each episode was roughly 50 minutes.  I would turn one on and run on the treadmill until the episode was over. 
  10. You will always feel better after a workout. 

Good luck! What are some of your favorite ways to stay motivated with your fitness?
Tips for Fitness Motivation


  1. Carling Bassett | 30th Jan 19

    As a former top 10 female pro tennis player I am So impressed with your site. You caught my attention with the 10 tips. I thought I knew all the best ways But you opened my eyes with some new ones.
    By the way your logo is Kick Ass and Dead on !!!

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