10 Things You Never Thought You Would Do Until You Became A Runner

To be completely honest, before I was a runner I thought a lot of things runners did was crazy. Here I am now, with a blog titled “Half Crazy Mama” for that very reason. I’m sure some of us loved running all along, but a lot people I talked to seem to have started running and fell in love with it after they had kids (me included). Here are 10 things you never thought you would do until you became a runner.

  1. Have a total stranger apply Biofreeze to you- At many medical tents along a race course, a gloved volunteer will apply Biofreeze to places you need it. IRL I would never consider having a gloved stranger apply anything to me unless it is someone giving me a pedicure or my doctor. 
  2. Talk about GI issues openly– Seriously, I can’t tell you how many conversations I’ve had with runner friends after a race where one of us has talked about GI issues during the race. **it Happens
  3. Voluntarily get up at 3am to get on a bus to go run– Early mornings are not my jam, but to run a race I will gladly get up early, get on a bus of strangers, and get transported to that starting line.
  4. Run a full marathon– Even after I ran my first half marathon I said I would never run a full marathon because that is just crazy. (Spoiler alert- I ran my first full marathon 5 months after my first half marathon).
  5. Make friends with strangers on the internet- I use to think that befriending people on the internet was weird, but then I was a runner who made some really great friends on the internet and now get together IRL and hang out. ( It usually involves drinking or running.)
  6. Tapping your nipples– Ok, so I personally have never done this because I am a female who wears snug sports bras, but gentlemen, I bet that wasn’t something that ever occurred to you until you became a runner.
  7. Run a very long distance dressed as a Disney character– Let me break this one down, 1. I never thought I would voluntarily dress as a Disney character and go into public (unless it was Halloween, and 2. I never imagined running a long distance, so put those together and I REALLY never thought I would do this. But a matter of fact, I have now done it over 75 times.
  8. Chafe so bad to the point you bleed– I really didn’t even know what chafing was until I was a runner. I definitely never thought I would chafe so bad around the band of my sports bra that my back would bleed. I have now learned my lesson though and apply body glide or vaseline to those areas before I run a long distance race.
  9. Plan a vacation around a marathon– Normal people plan a vacation to relax. Runners plan a vacation so they can go run a long distance in a fun place and not get a chance relax at all. Who else has planned a weekend trip to a cool location, just to run a race and then fly home? (Raising my hand) hilton bonnet creek
  10. Use a Port-A-Potty that thousands of other people have used– I think in most peoples daily lives we try to avoid Port-A-Pottys at all cost. While running a race though, if you have a go, coming around a corner to find a Port-A-Potty can be a huge blessing…just hold your breath when you go in. (Please see number 2 above about GI issues.)

Runners are an awesome community of people from all walks of life. I hope to see you out at a race in the near future!

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