10 Things to Remember to Say to Your Kid

Life can get busy, but our tiny humans love us unconditionally and we need to remember to foster their growth.  Some of these are probably something you say regularly, but a little reminder never hurt.

  1. “You are so smart”- Every child should be reminded how smart they are because at school it is natural to compare themselves to others and they need a cheerleader on their side.  
  2. “Can I have a hug”- As our kids get older the hugs get fewer, but it is still important to squeeze them every now and then.
  3. Laughter- This isn’t words, but the act of laughing.  If they tell you a joke, laugh.  Your laughter is often the best kind of approval they are looking for.  
  4. “I am so proud of you”- This is so important to tell them overtime they do something that makes you proud and sometimes we forget or take it for granted.  
  5. “That was awesome!”- When they do a cartwheel or jump off the curb on their bike, show them how excited you are.
  6. “What do you think about…?”- They want you to ask for their opinion about various things in life.  Ask them what they think about something going on in the news or at their school and get their advice and opinions. 
  7. “You make my heart happy”- I love this because it just makes a person smile.  
  8. “I am so glad I am your mom/dad”- Reassure them that you are so happy they are your kid.  Again, kids compare themselves to others and make sure they know they are special.
  9. “What do you want to do today?”- Sometimes our lives are so planned that we rarely ask our kids what they want to do that day.  We may think they want to go to go the trampoline place, but ask them and maybe they want to go to the park instead?  Give them a choice every now and then.
  10. “I love you”-  This is a given, but sometimes it becomes so routine that we take it for granted.  Grab their face, look them in the eyes, and tell them you love them.

What are some things that you make a point of saying to your kids?


  1. IreneZ | 7th Jun 17

    I say everything except #8. Gotta that to my repertoire.

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