10 Things Runners Should NOT Post On The Internet

running shoes and gear Have you ever noticed the running community is much more likely to talk about odd topics with each other that “normal” people never would? Talking to someone and posting those things on the internet are very different though. Here are things that a runner should NOT post on the internet. 


    1. Loss of a toenail or black toenail- Dear heaven all mighty, people don’t want to know it, let alone see it!
    2. Blood blister- Please don’t post it and especially don’t take a poll one whether you should pop it or not.
    3. Chaffing- If you want to talk about how badly your were chaffed, go ahead if you must, but please don’t post a picture of it.
    4. Bloody nipples- Men, tape or bandaid your nipples for a race and if you don’t, NO ONE wants to see as pic of your bloody shirt.
    5. GI problems- This one is pretty gross. I think runners understand that GI issues are just part of running a marathon, but “normal” people don’t really understand that. 
    6. Your running route- This is a safety precaution. Let your friends or family know where you are running, but don’t post it on the internet for strangers if it is your regular route, especially if you are a female running alone.
    7. Scraped up knees- I totally understand that sometimes tripping and falling happens while running, BUT casually scrolling through Instagram and seeing a picture of bloodied up knees makes me want to vomit.
    8. Blisters in general- All blisters are gross and no one wants to see them. 
    9. Your race bib- People are stealing pictures of other people’s race bibs, color copying them and banditing a race using it. If you do a flat lay photo of your race gear with your bib, just put your watch or something over the number so a jerk scrolling the internet doesn’t run a race “as you”.
    10. If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all- Just like what your mom taught you. If someone is celebrating their accomplishment of running an 11 minute mile, don’t be the jerk who comes in and posts that unless they are running a 7 minute mile they aren’t actually a runner. That isn’t true and just makes you look like an a-hole. #Truth Remember that screen shots last forever, so only post the things you can be proud of and don’t later regret. 

Do you have anything to add? What should runners NOT post on the internet?

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