10 Things Going Through A Runner’s Mind While Social Distancing

runners on a bridgeWhile times are definitely different now, I think we all have thoughts going through our heads that we never had thought of before. Runners trying to run in a mask, social distancing from other runners, and other concerns these days are probably something that we never dreamed of until a month ago. Here are 10 things going through a runner’s mind while social distancing.

  1. Can I run in a mask?
  2. I want to try on running shoes before I buy them.
  3. When will I be able to race again?
  4. Will I ever use a race port-a-pottie again when this is over?
  5. Can I get a treadmill delivered?
  6. That runner passing me on the sidewalk breathed on me.
  7. I miss running with other people.
  8. How will any race take place before a vaccine is found?
  9. Should I take my running shoes off before I come in the house?
  10. I probably shouldn’t be spitting as I run.


I hope you all are hanging in there, staying motivated and hitting the streets while social distancing or the treadmill in the safety of your home. 

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