10 Things Every Runner Needs

To go for a run a runner just needs a good pair of shoes, but if you are running on a regular basis and training for a longer distance there are lots of things you need. There are lots of running products that makes life easier for a runner. Here are 10 things every runner needs.

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  1. Foam Roller– A foam roller might bring tears to your eyes, but it will help keep that lactic acid moving and tightness at bay.
  2. Good Socks– I personally love the ultra thin Balega socks. Good socks make all the difference though. Not all socks are created equal. If you are getting any blisters or having other foot problems, try changing up your socks.
  3. Body Glide– Vaseline works too, but something to put on your body to prevent chafing is a must for any distance running. Things, arms, sports bra straps, and any area where a seam of clothing might rub is where you will want to put Body Glide.
  4. Running Sunglasses– Sunglasses are really important to protect your eyes from the sun, but if you don’t have a pair made for running they could fog up easily, slide down your nose, or be heavy and cause the bridge of your nose to hurt.
  5. The RIGHT Running Shoes– This is important. Never buys shoes just because they are the color you want or on sale. A lot of new runners don’t realize that different model shoes are made for different purposes. Some are made if your ankles tend to roll in, if you are more of a heel strike runner, or what your gate is like. Go to a really running store and get your run style evaluated. That will help you know whether you need a neutral shoe or a stability shoe. I am a neutral runner and love the Brooks Launch.
  6. GPS Watch– A good running watch makes a huge difference in training and motivation. If you have an Apple watch that has the function built in. If you don’t I always recommend Garmin. They make lots of different models at different price points.
  7. A Fantastic Playlist– The music is totally up to you and what you find motivating, but the right playlist and make or break a run. Here is a tip: if you are training for a marathon, I like to calculate out how far in my playlist I will be at a hard mile, like mile 19, and put extra motivating songs to help pump me up at that point in time. 
  8. Reflective Gear– If you run early in the morning or after sunset, PLEASE wear reflective gear. It is even a good idea during the day too! There are far too many runners hit by cars.
  9. A Motivational Book– Every runner should find ways to themselves confident and motivated because there will always be days of self doubt. There are so many motivational books to choose from. Just read one from time to time.
  10. An Accountability Friend– Whether this is someone in real life, or an online running friend, it is always good to have someone who helps keep you accountable. This means they hold you accountable to do your 16 mile long run or check in with you on how your training is going. 

Of course there are so many more things a runner could use, but these 10 things are important. Whether you are a new runner or a veteran runner, it is always a journey. I hope you enjoy your run and remember that if you start to get board try switching it up a little. A different route, new shoes, or download some different music can help refresh your run.


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