10 Things That They SHOULD Teach In High School

I was thinking the other day about things that would’ve been helpful to learn in high school and I compiled a short list.  Here are 10 things that they should teach in high school:

1.  How to properly prepare a resume- There are so many people that still as an adult don’t even know how to do this and you can’t get a good job without one.


2.  Peppermint schnapps should be mixed with hot chocolate, NOT drank as a shot- Ok, so honestly yes, high school kids shouldn’t drink, but they often do.  For some reason when I was in high school peppermint schnapps a common alcohol that people drank…as a shot.  I think we just didn’t know any better. Yuck!


3.  Appreciate the elasticity of your skin and your metabolism because those don’t get better with age- Seriously, your metabolism won’t get any better.  Enjoy it and appreciate it.


 4.  What a credit score is and how it works- Once you hit college it is way to easy to get a credit card and so many people get themselves into trouble with this.  Understanding what a credit score means in the long run could help many graduating seniors.

5.  You are smarter than you think- With little bits of encouragement people are capable of things they didn’t even know they had in them.  Just because you may not be in an AP or Honors class that doesn’t mean you aren’t smart.


6.  How to cook at least one GOOD meal- Top Ramen and Mac N Cheese don’t count.  I am amazed at the amount of people who never learned how to cook.  Even just baked chicken and steamed vegetables would be a great thing to teach a high school kid.


7.  How to choose a college major and what they actually are- Take a semester senior year and teach all the different majors offered and what schools specialize in what subjects.  There are so many options out there and maybe kids would be more applied if they had a better idea of what is out there.  You don’t just have to settle for a communications major (like I did, haha) because the other options have to many math prerequisites.


8.  How you dress says a lot about you- If you are embarrassed to wear something around your grandparents, you should be embarrassed to wear it out in public.  That is a good rule of thumb that should be painted on a wall in every high school.

9.  Algebra doesn’t really matter unless your major in college and job uses it- I can honestly say that I have never once used all those algebraic equations I had to memorize, BUT it is a class you have to pass so just grin and bear it.


10.  Listen to your parents because they were once a teenager too- They may not always be right, but they do always have some advice that may be helpfully.  They love you and are only looking out for your safety.

What do you wish you were taught in high school?


  1. Doni | 12th Jun 14

    Great list. The only one I disagree on is the Algebra. I’ve needed it every day during the school year when each of my kids were in 6-8th grades. 🙂

    • Miriam Neville (@NevilleMiriam) | 12th Jun 14

      I agree…people use Algebra more often than they realize. Ok, you may not need trigonometry (I use it regularly) or calculus (never), but Algebra and Geometry have been extremely helpful. Perhaps if they taught it in practical settings and applications?!

      • Half Crazy Mama | 13th Jun 14

        True. Definitely need to teach it in practical settings because the idea of memorizing algebraic equations isn’t the part of it that you need. 🙂

    • Half Crazy Mama | 13th Jun 14

      Lol! My daughter is only 4 so I haven’t got to that point yet 🙂

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