10 Reasons Why You Should NOT Run A Marathon

Are you thinking about running a marathon? Running a marathon is a big commitment. There are many things some people say about why you shouldn’t run. Here are 10 reasons why you should NOT run a marathon. running a marathon

  1. Because you will feel so proud of yourself it might be hard to go about your daily life.
  2. Because training for a marathon takes at least 12 weeks of dedication that will leave you feeling stronger.
  3. Because you don’t want to get really strong legs.
  4. Because who needs a shiny medal to show off.
  5. Because setting goals is for other people.
  6. Because only .5% of the population has ran a marathon and who wants to be part of an elite group.
  7. Because running a marathon means you might have to brag about it on Facebook. why you should not run a marathon
  8. Because it’s hard and who wants to accomplish a hard goal.
  9. Because you might make new friends in the process and you probably have enough friends.
  10. Because it is the ultimate bucket list item to check off and then your list would be shorter.

And for those of you who haven’t figure this out yet, you should totally train for and run a marathon! 

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running a marathon