10 Reasons Why You Should Marry A Runner

why you should marry a runnerRunners are some of the best people who walk this Earth. Runner’s humor is also a a fantastic quality that goes along with running. (I may be a little bias). But here are 10 reasons why you should marry a runner. 

  1. Runners are always willing to travel…as long as there is a race nearby. 
  2. Runners have good stamina. (Get your mind out of the gutter!) This just means that when it comes to chores we can plow through them. 😉
  3. If a runners mood is foul, it will always improve after a run.
  4. Running is a cheaper hobby than some other options like owning horses, sailing, and/or being a pilot. marry a runner
  5. If you ever want to run a marathon you know you can talk your spouse into doing it with you.
  6. Runners know how to carb-load and carbs are yummy.
  7. All Most runners have good direction and navigational skills. You may never get lost again.
  8. Running can help reduce stress and having less stress in a marriage is always a good thing.
  9. You can usually talk a runner into other fun things like hiking, going for a bike ride, or long walks on the beach.
  10. If you marry a runner you know you have someone who is dedicated, because being a runner takes consistency and perseverance even on the days they don’t want to run. This is a good quality in a life partner. 

Did you marry a runner? Would you marry a runner? Tell us other great things about spending your life with a runner. 

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  1. Alexis | 31st May 19

    I’m totally sending this to my husband! I grew up with horses and although I wanted to get into horses again, I decided it was much cheaper to start training for half marathons!

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