10 Reasons To Get a Desk Bike

Thank you to FlexiSpot for sponsoring this post.  All opinions are my own.

Have you ever seen an exercise bike desk? Sitting sedentary at a desk for hours a day just seems like such a waste to me. The bike desk has allowed me to move my body and exercise while getting my work done. FlexiSpot is a company that designs and offers ergonomic products. They sent me a FlexiSpot Bike V9 and it is fantastic! Here are 10 reasons why you need a FlexiSpot desk bike! 

  1. Stay active while doing otherwise sedentary activities.  
  2. The Flexispot bike desks won 2018 CES Innovation Awards.
  3. The desk on the bike can be raised or lowered to accommodate all different heights.
  4. You can get extra cardio in while paying your online bills.
  5. The Flexispot Bike V9 has rolling casters so you can easily move it to various locations in your house. 
  6. You can no longer make the excuse that you have no time to exercise. 
  7. It lets people go from sitting to cycling to standing with one space-saving solution in office or at home.
  8. You can check off two things on your to-do list at one time! Computer work and workout!
  9. It is a great, affordable, at home exercise option. 
  10. You are more likely to exercise if you can also surf the internet while doing it! 

The FlexiSpot Bike V9 has completely changed my mornings.  Instead of getting up and immediately sitting at my desk to get work done, I now sit at my bike desk and get work done right there as I’m riding.  I have so much better energy through the day.  The FlexiSpot Bike V9 is study, doesn’t require a lot of assembly, super simple to use, quiet, and offers a dial to easily control the tension. 

Do you need to get moving more during the day?

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  1. Dora LIU | 23rd Aug 18

    I like it!

    • Half Crazy Mama | 23rd Aug 18

      It’s fantastic! 🙂

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