10 Reasons Why I Run

I have people tell me I’m crazy(duh) for all the races that I run.  They say they hate running and they don’t “get it”.  I totally understand.  I use to hate running too.  Until I discovered all the things that I actually love about running.  Here you go, 10 reasons why I run: Reasons To Run | beginning runners | running | motivation | fitness inspiration | marathon training

  1. Because of how I feel-  I always feel better after I run.  Even if it was a tough run or it was hard to get motivated, I always feel better than before I ran.  I suffer from an anxiety issue and I don’t like a lot of medications and how they make me feel, so while I take what I need to in really bad situations I have found that if I run regularly it also helps my anxiety.  It keeps the chemicals in my brain moving and while not a cure all, I have found that for me it helps.  
  2. Because I like being outside- I love being outside and running is a good excuse to do that.  If the weather is bad though  I hit the treadmill and binge watch a TV show on Netflix, which isn’t a bad thing either. 
  3. Because of the amazing people watching- I find people watching fascinating and the people watching at a race is spectacular.  Seeing how everyone runs a little different.  Seeing all the spectators and their signs.  Seeing people cross a finish line of a hard fought race is incredible. 
  4. Because I love the community- Runners are an amazing group of people.  You can see so many acts of kindness at a race.  While running on a trail most of us smile, say hi, or wave at each other.  It feels good to see people being nice to one another.  The world needs as much kindness as it can get.
  5. Because I like food-  I am not built as a size 2 woman and it is a constant struggle.  I don’t get to eat whatever I want.  Running is great cardio though and it helps me stay within my weight range.
  6. Because I like the example it sets for my little monkey- My daughter is 7 and I think it is great that she already runs 5ks with me.  I love that she has grown up around running and other physical activities and thinks it’s fun.  She isn’t a couch potato and that makes me happy. 
  7. Because I make new friends- I love the friends I have, but my running journey has introduced me to so many amazing people that I now get to call friends too. 
  8. Because of the medals- It is ok to be excited about getting a medal.  I know a lot runners who basically just run for the bling, so don’t let anyone make you feel guilty about it.  Getting a medal after a race is always fun.  It is cool to see my little monkey and her friends look at them all and talk about which ones are their favorites and talk about how they want to get some medals too.  
  9. Because I never thought I could- I never in my wildest dreams would’ve thought I would run a marathon (let alone more than one).  I was filled with self doubt.  Running has helped me conquer this and helped me realize that I can accomplish SO SO much as long as I put my full self into it.  
  10. Because I can- There will be a day when I can’t, but today is NOT that day.  

Why do you run?

10 Reasons Why I Run | mom who runs | running | motivation and inspiration | marathon training | running for beginners | feel good running


  1. Pauline PT | 12th Oct 17

    LOVE this!! I run for similar reasons but one of the biggest perks is that it 1) keeps me sane, 2) gives me a break from the rest of the world. Don’t get me wrong, I love my kids, but it’s nice getting a break every now and then.

    • Half Crazy Mama | 12th Oct 17

      YES!!!! I totally agree! It is definitely my favorite “me” time that I get. 🙂

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