10 Reasons I Hate Common Core Math

common core math

I didn’t learn common core math when I was in school back in the day. We carried the 1. With my daughter in school I have always hated helping her with homework because she is taught common core math. Especially now with school closures, I am faced with common core math in a big way. I think (and hope) some of you can agree with me on this. Here are 10 reasons I hate common core math. 

    1. Because I don’t know how to NOT carry the 1. 
    2. Because I hate when my child tells me I’m “doing it wrong”.


    3. Because we get to the same answer, so why does it matter how we do the math?
    4. Because it really annoys me when my daughter tells me her teacher told her she did it wrong even though she got the right answer. SHE DIDN’T DO IT WRONG! SHE DID IT RIGHT ACCORDING TO HOW I LEARNED IT!
    5. Because it seems like you have to write out A LOT more numbers instead of just carrying the 1.
    6. Because now that I am the teacher at home I have to deal with a frustrated child as I try to help her with math.
    7. Because you can’t teach an old dog new tricks…or new math!
    8. Because I use to like math and common core has now ruined it for me.
    9. Because now I have to watch YouTube videos teaching me about common core math so I can do 4th grade homework.
    10. Because I would rather help my child with school work and then move on to something fun instead of taking the time to relearn math so I can help her, which takes twice as long. 

This is me venting. How do you feel about common core math? I think when a child is born you should get a common core workbook so you can start learning about it before they get to elementary school. It will take about that long to understand what the heck they are talking about and learn how NOT to carry the 1. 


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common core math


  1. Kyle | 4th Apr 20

    As a teacher, it is tough to get the parents on board because it’s different. For kids who started with it in kindergarten it can be successful. Common core math is just another way to look at the problems. There’s more use of tens and we teach them many strategies to solve the problem.

    The kids are still taught the “old ways” but just strict memorization is out the window. At least in NYS, they can use whatever method they want as long as they get the correct answer. This might be different in other states.

    The next gen standards are on their way for many states.

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