10 Reasons Why You Think You Are Cool and Your Child Thinks You Are Not

My daughter is only 5, but already I seem to embarrass her at times.  I realized that things that I thought made me a super cool mom are the same things that she thinks are ridiculous and not cool.  Here are 10 reasons why you think you are cool and ironically those are the exact same reasons are why your child thinks you are not. 

Unknown1.  You know all the lyrics to “Baby Got Back”.

2.  You are on Facebook.

3.  You think you dance really well.

4.  You were alive in the ’80s.

5.  You had (and maybe still have) the “Rachel” haircut.

6.  You wear high waisted jeans like Katy Perry.  Problem is, your aren’t Katy Perry. 

7.  You speak fluent Pig Latin.

8.  You can still fit into your clothes from high school.

9.  You still use cool words like “bogus” and “gnarly”.

10.  You still dress up for Halloween.



  1. haleyduke17 | 2nd Apr 15

    Ha! My daughter is only 3 1/2 but she’s already beginning this phase. I really dread for the moment when she tells me to “act cool” or “leave her alone” sniff sniff – they grow up so fast.

    • Half Crazy Mama | 2nd Apr 15

      Oh I know!!! I often wish I could just freeze time…. *sigh*

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