10 Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

Instagram is probably my favorite social media platform.  To me a great account is one that posts a picture that makes you stop scrolling and start day dreaming.  A great account is also beautiful when you look at their thumbnails as a whole.  Here are 10 Instagram accounts you should be following:

  1. @DisneySisters– These sisters have such a fun Disney themed account.  Their pictures are beautiful and it is like being at the park everyday. 
  2. @SusanPazera– Susan’s photos are exquisite and make me want to travel the world.  If you aren’t already following along, you should be. 
  3. @According2Kelly– She has the happiest smile I have ever seen and pair that with a love of Disney and running and you have an Instagram account that is sure to cheer you up any day of the week.  She also makes me wish I had a donut cake for my birthday (scroll through her Insta feed and you will understand). 
  4. @OhHappyDay– This account makes me want to live in a world of rainbows and balloons.  Super cheerful, hence the name Oh Happy Day!  If you are looking for party ideas you won’t want to pass up this account. 
  5. @GarminOutdoor– Garmin has lots of accounts, but this one is a must following.  The photos are breathtaking. 
  6. @MySplendidLiving– Amazing travel, tablescapes and lifestyle photos.  This account makes me want to travel to far off places, read a book my a pool with a great cup of coffee, get all new beautiful dishes and to have an elegant dinner party. 
  7. @Holins_Trail_Hustle– This gal makes me wish I was out on the trails.  Her photos are beautiful and motivating. 
  8. @ShesOnTheGoTravel– I love accounts that have beautiful photos from around the world.  This account is a collaboration of 6 women and pictures from their amazing travels. 
  9. @InstaRunners– This account features some of the best running pictures from all over Instagram.  Tag your photos with #Instarunners and you might get featured, but it better be a beautiful picture. 
  10. @Vitamix– Did you know that Vitamix has beautiful photos on their Insta account? They totally do!  And they may give you some good ideas on delicious food to cook up. 

If you want you can find me over on Instagram at @HalfCrazyMama (shameless plug).  Share your Instagram handle and also let us know some of your favorite accounts. 


  1. Lauren (@BreatheBlog) | 18th May 17

    Great post-I was only already following half of these. I especially love beautiful travel accounts!


    • Half Crazy Mama | 18th May 17

      The travel accounts are so fun. I just keep adding places to a list of travel destinations I want to go to 🙂

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