10 Things NOT To Give A Woman For Valentine’s Day

I hear stories every year from women about Valentine’s Day blunders.  I thought I would compile a list of what NOT to give a woman for Valentine’s Day.

someday-valentines-day-ecard-someecards1. A String Bikini- unless she is either Brazilian or specifically asked for it, don’t do it.

2. A BOX of wine- I don’t care how trendy the box looks, if the wine doesn’t come in a bottle, don’t buy it.

MjAxNC1lMjg4YTdiYWIzYTVjZmEz3. Spanx- nothing says romance like…Spanx? you can buy her lingerie…if you want…but don’t make it offensive or tacky.

4. A Gift Card for the Grocery Store- she will just spend it on groceries for the family and that isn’t fun.

5. Slippers- save those for Christmas…not Valentine’s Day.

6. The Cheap Candy- Women know when it’s the discount priced box of candy because the candy is gross. Don’t do it.

ecard 17. An I.O.U.- Come on guys, I can understand not knowing when Easter is because that date changes year to year, but Valentine’s Day is February 14th EVERY YEAR. Get it together and show your love, even if it’s a handmade card.

gift-apology-love-date-valentines-day-ecards-someecards8. Proactiv- Yes, she may have complained about the zit she had.  No, that wasn’t a hint that she wanted Proactiv.

9. Carnations- They are cheaper than roses…but we know that. Either get the good flowers or pick something else all together like a heartfelt handwritten card.

10. A Coupon Book- it is cute coming from a kid, but realistically when she wants to cash in that “clean the toilets” coupon or the “foot rub” coupon the chances are slim to none that you will actually do it.

love-last-minute-plans-dating-valentines-day-ecards-someecardsI hope this inspires you to dig deep and come up with a heart felt gift.  A woman always wants to know she is appreciated.  That is my biggest tip.  Happy Valentine’s Day! 


  1. Shayna | 13th Feb 15

    LOL pretty good list! I gave my hubby a baby on Valentines Day 9 years ago. So he knows I out trump him no matter what! But, he’s a pretty good gift giver! For sure no coupon books or IOU’s! I hope your Valentine gives you something great!

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