10 Fun Ways To Burn Calories

burning paperWho said that exercise had to be boring and monotonous to be effective? No one, exercise comes in many forms and sizes, and burning calories has never been more fun. There are so many options available today that help burn calories that it’s simple to find fun activities to include in our day, whether we’re at home or on vacation, single, or have a family of five. Here are 10 fun ways to burn more calories and get in better shape. 

  1. Dance around the house to your favorite tunes. Music and dancing are two things that relax the body and mind. When you dance, you have fun and burning calories without feeling like you are doing exercise, and that’s the point. If you don’t want to dance alone, you can always try a new dancing class; there’s belly dancing, pole dancing, hip hop, or salsa to name a few. You can always try to persuade your partner to try tango or the samba with you, and then you can show off your moves at a wedding, party, or club.
  2. Run around with your dog in the mornings and evenings. Most dogs need exercise every day, sometimes even twice a day. Give your dog the joy and take it for a walk twice a day. Twenty minutes each time is enough. Run around with them, throw them a stick or ball and enjoy the morning and evening fresh air. In twenty minutes of intensive walking, running around, and throwing the ball for your pet, you will burn about 100 calories.
  3.  Play with the kids as often as possible. Child games like football, hopscotch, or hide and seek are fantastic activities for fat burning. If it’s raining, you can always give twister a go on the living room floor. On a nice day, head to the park and play on the swings and monkey bars. It’s quality time with your kids and staying fit in one.
  4. Chuck the Frisbee or play beach volleyball instead of lying flat on the towel. You’ll not only burn lots of calories, challenge new muscles and have fun, but also get a better all-over body tan than if you were just lying there and swapping sides every hour.
  5. Join a sport and meet new friends. Getting motivated to exercise on your own is much harder than if you’re exercising in a group. If you want to get fit and burn calories while having fun, it might be a good idea to find a team sport that you enjoy doing. With team sports, you usually meet up for training once or twice a week and have a competitive game once each week. If you don’t show up, you’re not only letting yourself down but also your team. By playing in a team sport, you’re going to have lots of fun and burn unwanted calories. group taking a selfie
  6. Try out something new every week or month. Our bodies and minds need variety. By trying out new sports and workout activities, you are keeping things interesting and will avoid getting bored or getting into a monotonous and dull routine. Have fun and try activities that you’ve always wanted to try. Kickboxing, indoor rock climbing, yoga, belly dancing, squash, or a spinning class, are just some of the many options available. You don’t have to stick with anything you don’t like; just mix things up to have fun.
  7. Become a tourist in your home town and walk around the sights. Walking is one of the best ways to stay fit, get exercise and see the sights. An hour of walking burns about three hundred calories depending on your body weight.
  8. In the winter, check out the local hills. Go tobogganing, skiing, or ice skating. Build and snowman or have a snowball fight. All these outdoor activities in the winter burn excess calories while allowing you to have fun with your family or friends.
  9. Meet your friends in the park or at the beach for a game of football or badminton instead of going to a bar or cafe for a drink and more junk food. You’ll have fun and burn calories with your friends, later you can catch up for a gossip session by going for a walk or having a stretch session on the grass.
  10. Go for a bike ride. A fun bike ride burns calories and gets you outside. Have the family join it for a fun family weekend activity. 

Hopefully these will help give you some new ideas about ways to burn calories instead of just hitting the gym when you have time.

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